Various functional systems of smart home——Two

The home appliance control system

The home access control system

Forgot to bring the key, the door is still open for you

The smart door lock automatically recognizes your opening action, opens the door, lights up the light, and then boils you hot water. Home is so warm. If your relatives are here, you can also open the door remotely and let him enter the house for a while. If you have a friend visiting, you can meet him on video even when you are not at home. The way to treat guests is to let the visitor not fail. 06 Household appliances control system  Household appliances are controlled by one machine, and your personalized life is up to you.

Personalization: control all household appliances through your mobile phone, and switch various scenes at will;

Timing preset: preset the on and off time of electrical appliances at a regular time to enjoy the quality of individual life   Linkage control: integrate lighting, music and other systems to make your life more tasteful;

Network communication system

You may forget the network, but it is everywhere

Using enterprise-level WIFI coverage technology, 360-degree network coverage of the whole house, so that your home is immersed in the ocean of the network, you can swim without boundaries anytime, anywhere, WIFI seamless roaming, there is only one name, whatever Automatically connect wherever you go, without frequent switching, the connection is always the same.

Home audio system

Go to the theater, go to the KTV, and go to your home with one click. It can also become an entertainment center. Using multimedia entertainment platforms, using advanced microcomputer technology, wireless remote control technology and infrared remote control technology, under the precise control of program instructions, set-top boxes and satellite receivers Multi-channel signal sources such as DVD, computer, etc. can be sent to the terminal equipment such as TVs and stereos in each room according to the needs of users so that one machine can share multiple audio-visual types of equipment in the living room. Projection screen, electric hanger, audio-visual function, high-definition disc player, background music are all automatically controlled, through the scene, you can reach the mode you need with just one button.

Intelligent perception system

Know you better than you, since your health pulse  Temperature and humidity, illuminance, voice recognition, human infrared sensors throughout the house, automatically perceive the environment of the home, and automatically run air conditioning, curtains, fresh air and other systems, comfort cares Your body resonates; wearing a smartwatch or bracelet, you can not only control home devices but also see your physical condition at all times.

Energy Management System

Efficient electricity consumption detection is clear at a glance in minutes

Through the big data analysis of the cloud server, the electricity consumption of home appliances can be seen, and the home appliance monitoring diagnosis sheet can be opened for all kinds of electrical appliances "physical examination" at any time, and the running status is clear at a glance. Unified management of daily electricity consumption, And according to the weather,According to the situation and your behavior habits, tailor-made proposals for efficient electricity use make energy-saving easier.

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