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  • Letti regolabili per anziani

Letti regolabili per anziani

  • Homecare Electric Adjustable Bed For Elderly People

    Hospital bed features in the comfort of your home The Supernal 5 gives you all the functions of a hospital bed with an elegant look that blends in with any bedroom decor. A hi-low bed that can be adjusted from head to toe, and includes Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustability, the…
  • Letto regolabile Healcare Hi-Lo per uso domestico

    Il letto regolabile per anziani sani regola l'altezza per la casa Pieghevole NESSUNA posizione di sollevamento Testa / Piede / Massaggio verticale disponibile Telecomando Wireless Flat / Zero G disponibile Posizione memoria disponibile sotto il letto Luce LED disponibile Porta USB (2 lati) Disponibile Supporto per testiera Disponibile Paravento da muro Categoria Non Disponibile: Uso domestico ...
  • Letto regolabile elettrico con controllo wireless con massaggio

     Electric adjustable bed with massage Foldable Not available Lift Position Back and Foot Massage Not available Remote Control Wired /Wireless Flat/Zero G Available Memory position Available Under bed Led Light Not available USB port Not available Headboard Bracket Available Wall hugger Not Available Category: Home Use Bed Material:
  • Modern Sleep Cool Gel Ventilated Gel Memory Foam For A Deep Sleep

    Modern sleep cool gel ventilated gel memory foam Comfort Level Medium Mattress Top Type Tight top Foam Type Memory foam Box Spring Included No Adjustable Base Included No Mattress Compatible with Adjustable Base Yes Mattress in a Box Yes Cover Material Polyester Cover Material Details 100% polyester fibers Removable Cover…
  • Telaio del letto con piattaforma regolabile elettrica Homelife con telecomando wireless

    Modern home life electric adjustable platform bed frame with remote control KD Design we cut the whole bed into two pieces to ensure you can carry your bed into the elevator easily. Also KD packing makes shipping become easier.   Zero-G This position is the same as NASA’s zero-gravity setting…
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