smart home

  • Various functional systems of smart home——Two

    The home appliance control system The home access control system Forgot to bring the key, the door is still open for you The smart door lock automatically recognizes your opening action, opens the door, lights up the light, and then boils you hot water. Home is so warm. If your…
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  • Various functional systems of smart home——One

    The smart home security system Traveling thousands of miles and clairvoyance, the visible guardian is more at ease The home security guard, equipped with a high-definition camera, human infrared sensor, door sensor alarm, smoke sensor, gas sensor, 18 classes of martial arts to protect your home around the clock, once…
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  • What is smart home?

    The hot word of smart home, from the concept in 2014 to the dullness in 2015 and then to the hot outbreak in 2016, today's smart home has penetrated into all areas of home life, including food, clothing, housing and transportation, food, drink and Lhasa, and new intelligent models continue…
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